REMIX- A new React Framework from the creators of React Router

REMIX- A new React Framework from the creators of React Router

Finally, a killer React framework from the creators of React Router

If you have been developing Single Page Applications (SPAs) using React you know that there are a couple of problems that creep into our application because of the way react basically works by default. For example, the most common problem, it is very difficult to have good SEO if you are using client-side rendering (CSR) in React.

This is because, in the case of CSR, the data you see on the page is generated by the JavaScript in the browser itself. It is also very difficult to have dynamic Metadata on such websites.

Single-page applications (SPAs) due to these reasons are commonly regarded as non-SEO friendly websites.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of SPAs here

To solve this problem (along with other problems with CSR), we use different technics like Server-side rendering (SSR), prerendering, etc.

Since it is a bit difficult to do React SSR manually, we have different React frameworks to make our job easy.

One of such React frameworks which is very popular is Next.js

Similar to frameworks like Next.js, the people who developed React Router (The most popular routing library for React) are working on a NEW React framework to solve all the problems we face while developing with React.

They have named it Remix.

Some of the highlighted features of Remix are as follow-

  • File system routes
  • Route layout nesting
  • Automatic code splitting
  • Data-driven meta tags
  • Built-in data loading
  • Location-based Suspense cache
  • Streaming server rendering
  • Zero-config build
  • React Refresh
  • Server rendering in dev
  • Deploy anywhere
  • ...and more

Here is the first preview of Remix on YouTube. You'll get a preview on routing, layouts, data loading, meta tags, data caching, and scroll restoration etc.

{% youtube MYxwlmeyu9w %}

You can subscribe to follow their progress and get early access here-

Isn't it cool? Personally, I'm very excited about it. I know its gonna be a big thing because of the people behind it.

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